I started my lessons with Gillian in 2021 when my handicap was 11. I now start the 2024 season with a handicap of 2.8. I believe that tells you everything about how Gillian can teach in a way for players to exceed their expectations.

Gillian’s approach gets me to focus on the areas where I can make the greatest gains. She has been without doubt the biggest influence on my game, not just the mechanics but more importantly how my mental approach can achieve the best results.

When we started working together the only way I could draw the ball was with a pen and paper, now over the last year or so we have made adjustments that allow me to play a wide variety of shots. This has made a massive difference to my approach on the course. She’s tough and she pushes me, but at a speed I can cope with and implement.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you want to move your game forward with a coach who understands all aspects of this wonderful game, then Gillian really is the perfect coach.

Andrew Stokes
2.8 handicap, Kings Golf Club

Hi Gillian! We are back in the States. Our trip round Scotland was absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to come back!

Part of what made it so amazing was the lesson we had with you at Castle Stuart. Each and every one of us took away so much from your lesson. We were constantly quoting you (“Be 5’2″, Lorraine!” and “When it’s breezy swing it easy”) and trying out the tricks you taught us. You kept it simple and made it fun. I wish I could have had a lesson with you before each of my rounds.

Thank you Gillian! We’ll be back!

Susan Laufer

Our first golf experience in Scotland was a small group lesson with Gillian Stewart. Gillian gave us a great introduction to links golf and sent us away with very practical tips on how to play in the Scottish weather as well as on challenging terrain.

Our foursome held varying ability levels, but Gillian was able to gear her instruction accordingly and with great humour, attention and enthusiasm. From the treacherous pot bunkers to the 200-foot putts, we were able to utilize all of her tips throughout our Scotland golf trip.

If you have the opportunity to take a lesson with Gillian, don’t hesitate. It was well worth it!

Lorraine Shea

Hi Gillian. We are back in our daily routine, but every now and then we dream about the great Scottish journey that lies behind us. We enjoyed every minute.

It was an honour and great pleasure to meet you. Your tips gave us much confidence. Actually Aki talks about you almost every time she makes a chip or successfully plays out of a bunker (which happens a lot more often now)!

We wish you much joy and fulfillment in your mission to make golfers successful and happy. Best wishes from Dani and Aki.

Daniel Estermann

My group of 4 booked a one-hour training session with Gillian Stewart to learn more about playing “links golf”.

Gillian provided instructions on key elements of playing “links golf” that were a tremendous help to our entire group. The concepts taught were how to putt from long distance (yes, we were going to St Andrews!), playing “bump and run” using a hybrid, how to play lower flighted shots into the wind and getting more elevation when playing out of the deep bunkers of “links” courses. I personally used all the techniques during my six rounds in Scotland and found that each one worked!

Gillian was very professional in her approach as well as personable. She worked with each individual based on their skill levels to assist each with learning the techniques targeted. I really enjoyed the time spent with her and learning from her wealth of knowledge and experience. Highly recommended.

Tom Bryan

I went for several lessons with Gillian during 2021. She was kind and patient, took an interest in my golf and we were both delighted when we saw improvements, a good reduction in my handicap and lots of wins along the way!

The lessons were very much led by me in terms of what I wanted to learn. Prior to the lesson, Gillian would contact me to ask me to think about what I would like to focus on during our time together. This concentrated my mind re how best to use the time and we covered many areas that previously had been a mystery to me, as well as doing some basic swing practice. She also provided expertise and sensible advice about ways to think about golf when you are playing, which I have used a lot since.

I liked the way Gillian explained how to try different shots and I was able to visualise what I should be doing, rather than having to think about numerous technical instructions. If I didn’t get it, she would find another way to explain it. I found it a very relaxed way to learn.

I would highly recommend Gillian as someone with great expertise and coaching skills who makes golf lessons a pleasant and rewarding experience

Lindsay Macvicar
17 handicap, Inverness

I initially came to see Gillian in the early summer of 2020 in order to improve my tee shots. After seeing me hitting a few balls with my irons she asked whether I was looking for a quick fix or a fundamental swing change that would allow me to play golf for a long time…

I voted for the latter and from there the journey started…

I have been playing golf for about 20 years and had lessons from several coaches. Once Gillian started explaining what she wanted to change I realised I never learned a proper golf swing. At the start it really felt awkward but I could see a little improvement with every session. Working on the range with very specific drills and a focused mindset added lots of joy. Rather than banging balls, I had a purpose and I started to develop a routine.

The overall improvement of my swing, short game and putting over just a few short months has been amazing. What I really like about Gillian’s teaching style is the simplicity and the easy to understand purpose of her drills. It simply works.

I am looking forward to keep on working with Gillian, her Scottish humour and her support to improve my game.

Jochen Schmerbitz
16 handicap, Inverness

I have had some very productive golf lessons with Gillian over the years and she has helped me on my way to Ladies’ Club Champion at Muir of Ord golf club.

The lesson I had with her on the course has helped hugely with many aspects including club selection, reading the greens correctly and course management.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gillian to any golfer who wishes to improve.

Helen Stuart
Muir of Ord Golf Club

Most golf professionals can teach us about the obvious aspects of the game such as swing, rotation, follow through etc. It is rare however to find a coach who can enter the mind of a golfer and make changes in one’s thought processes, the effects and results of which are far more permanent and far-reaching.

One only has to read Gillian’s CV to appreciate that her in depth knowledge of how human beings learn puts her in this latter category. Apart from time on the range, an absolute must would be the 9 holes on the course…. IF, you are serious about improving your game.

Dhyan Perera
Nairn Golf Club

I arranged to have a lesson with Gillian before heading back home after struggling with a two-way miss for the last couple of years. My main goal of the lesson was to hopefully have one thing to focus and work on. Gillian was able to quickly evaluate an area to focus on and gave me exactly what I was looking to get out of the lesson. She has given me a couple of drills to take away and work on, but the main focus was on the swing to be effortless.

Can’t thank Gillian enough and will definitely look to book another lesson if I head back to Castle Stuart.

Tom Svensen
H’cap 6, Mid Ocean Club, Bermuda

We all thoroughly enjoyed our family golf lessons with Gillian, around which we built a very special family trip to Scotland and Castle Stuart.

Gillian was fantastic at working with each of us, despite our different ages and ability levels. My husband and I, in our 50’s, thought we might be lost causes but she thoroughly convinced us that people of any age can begin and enjoy the sport! Our teenage sons (much more coordinated) developed quickly and were eager to get new tips on different stroke techniques each day.

Gillian was patient, proactive and positive – a great combination for a golf instructor!

We definitely commend Gillian to other golfers, of any level, and also recommend play and stay at Castle Stuart: a really rewarding and memorable combination that we hope to be able to repeat in the future!

Christine Brueschke
Windsor, England

Gillian is a true professional, with a very likeable personality.

She quickly worked out a couple of basic errors in my set-up and swing and pointed me in the right direction. She doesn’t over-complicate the process and gives you encouragement and confidence to play better golf.

Highly commended.

Harry Cooksley
Handicap 16, Forres Golf Club

Gillian… I had a great round today! Ended up hitting 10 of 14 fairways, which is great for me. Also scored my first birdies ever, on holes 2 and 4. Final stroke count of 96 and handicap differential of 21.6 are also personal bests. Thanks again for your help yesterday, the tweaks were extremely helpful.
Thanks, Kaustubh

Kaustubh Deo
New York

This is by far the most beautiful and playable course!! The detail in the layout and blend with nature is exquisite. The greenkeeper and staff should be commended! We had the honour to meet Gillian Stewart and what a lady! She taught us some links shots which benefitted us since!!
The clubhouse and facilities are world class! The staff are very friendly and helpful.
An absolute must!!!

Jaco Parsons
South Africa

I arranged a lesson with Gillian, having not played golf for two years due to lower back pain.

My golf was at rock bottom, but with the utmost care and attention to my particular issues, Gillian now has me striking the ball with consistent accuracy, and also with complete physical and mental freedom. I now stride towards my next shot with a newfound eagerness and confidence, completely uninhibited by any negative thoughts of technical faults or failure.

Her professionalism is absolute and her determination to find the solution is underpinned with understanding and humour. This leaves you in a better place after every lesson. Oh – and my swing no longer troubles my back.

Iain Morton

I contacted Gillian after hearing nothing but positives from fellow playing friends as a 4-handicap golfer with little hope of going nowhere but up 0.1 every time I teed the ball up. After a few lessons Gillian brought my game and more importantly my head back to be where it should be.

Her very easy to understand tuition and practise drills have given me a new lease of life. Time spent on the range now has a meaning and enjoyment factor and even on my own I can hear her words of wisdom.

She is not just a golf coach but also a psychologist all rolled into one. We are blessed to have someone on hand who always has the time and patience to listen and pass on her invaluable advice.

If you are thinking about taking some lessons to improve any part of your game then look no further, Gillian is the coach you are looking for, a multi winning tour professional who will take you to the next level passing on the knowledge at a fantastic venue.

Neil Chisholm
3 handicap, Nairn Dunbar & Nairn

If you are looking for someone with a simple, clear and highly effective approach to understanding the golf swing, then arrange your next golf lesson with Gillian Stewart . Too many teaching professionals today teach in a highly technical manner, further confusing and frustrating golfers in what can be one of the most exasperating pursuits ever invented by humans !  With years of experience at European Tour level to share with fellow golfers, Gillian will help improve your game and therefore enjoyment of it, by simplifying the swing, not by breaking it down into confusing components, or by being guided by what a range monitor tells you, but by teaching a “whole swing” approach.

In my experience, Gillian has been the only teacher that has been able to impart easily understandable imagery of the golf swing with an approach that will minimise overthinking.

With the superb and private teaching area at the world class golfing venue of Castle Stuart in the Highlands of Scotland, this is an experience any keen golfer wishing to improve their game, cannot afford to miss.

Fraser McGinn
Handicap 6, Lake Karrinyup, Perth, Australia

We would not have been able to achieve what we did without an immense amount of support behind the scenes. Gillian Stewart in particular gave us fantastic help at the training weekend in March and in the lead up to the matches. Thank you so much

Tegwen Matthews
Winning GB&I Curtis Cup Captain

In just two lessons Gillian has permanently repaired decades of short game scars; a huge achievement! I have made the necessary changes only because Gillian brings such impeccable credibility and a deep understanding of the golf swing. Gillian is also a terrific listener (to all my ramblings) so that her advice becomes customised to you. It’s fun on the links again. Thanks Gillian.

Bruce Morrison
10 handicap, Fortrose and Rosemarkie GC

I have been having lessons with Gillian over the last few years and have come down from 18 to 12 as a direct result of her coaching. Gillian has a talent for keeping things simple and giving clear advice which can be readily worked on. Having already reached my goal of my lowest ever handicap, Gillian will, I’m sure, drive me on to my next goal…. single figures!

Richard Carey
12 handicap, Fortrose and Rosemarkie GC

After seeing what she did for my game, ALL my friends now get lessons from Gill…….. but with my headstart they’ll never catch up!!! This year I won three monthly medals at Royal Dornoch, and the Medal Winner’s competition. Honestly, that is all down to Gill, she’s a wonderful teacher, and clearly very patient! I still have a long way to go, and I’m going to enjoy every step of it.

Alasdair Mackenzie
Royal Dornoch and Fortrose

Gill sorted out my putting for me, she sorted out my short game for me – she is a brilliant coach. I am going to tell Sergio Garcia about Gill. I putted like a dream thanks to Gill, including one for a birdie at the last which kept hopes alive of being in a play-off right until the last.

Miguel Preysler
Real Club de Golf, Sotogrande, H'cap +1, having just finished one shot behind the winner Arthur Pierse, in the British Seniors Amateur Championship at Nairn

If anyone wants to find a wealth of information about golf, speak to Gill. As a golf instructor, she is extremely careful and precise in only saying what she needs to say in order to keep it simple. As a successful touring pro, her knowledge of the mental side and the execution of a wide variety of shots, is an aspect she has helped me with tremendously. A few weeks after my last lesson with her in May, I went from having major problems with my pitching to winning on 3 successive weeks the Spanish National Seniors, the International European Seniors and the International Andalucian Seniors. If that is not great teaching, I do not know what is!

Miguel Preysler
Handicap +0.3, Real Club de Golf, Sotogrande, Spain

I always look forward to Gillian’s lessons and feel very lucky to have the benefit of her vast experience and wisdom. Her expertise comes across strongly and with clarity. She is excellent at adapting technique to individual needs and always gives her undivided attention. The importance of the mental side is also very much part of Gillian’s approach and I have found her ideas refreshing and very helpful. Although hard work and concentration are central to her time with you she has a lovely sense of humour, which makes her lessons most enjoyable.

Marion Richards
12 handicap, Guernsey