Gillian offers lesson options to meet a variety of needs. Use the accordion menu below to find the option which suits you best.

One to One Lessons

One to One lessons provide the fastest route to technical improvement for most people.

The golf swing itself, short game, bunker shots and putting are all aspects of the game that can be addressed in a One to One Lesson.

The great benefit of One to One, as opposed to a group lesson, is that YOU are THE BOSS. You can dictate the pace of your lesson, the direction of your lesson, all your questions can get answered and you have the undivided attention of your coach with no distractions.

A 60-minute One to One Lesson is the most popular, however, the 3-hour mini school is a good option for some people. For example, perhaps you are coming a long way for your lesson or your time at Cabot Highlands is limited and you don’t have the luxury of coming for a one-hour lesson each week for 3 weeks. An extended learning session could be right for you as you can make the very most of your opportunity. The 3-hour mini school allows time to work through a specific area of your game or a range of areas. It will consist of two sessions with a short refreshment break in between. We will take notes as we work through the sessions.

The One to One Lessons are suitable for all levels of player from the newcomer to the expert and are available to visitors and locals alike.

One to One Lesson prices:

60 minutes: £80
3 hour mini school: £225

Local resident discounted rates of £65 for 60 minutes and £185 for mini school.

Juniors (up to age 16)
60 minutes: £50
30 minutes: £30

Bespoke packages available – please enquire.

On Course Playing Lessons

Experience an On Course Playing Lesson. You will learn how to take your technique from the practice ground to the course, whilst developing your course-management skills, pre-shot routines and mental strength.

The on course lesson is suitable for anyone who wants to BE A PLAYER.

Being a player is a completely different concept from swinging the club well and being technically good.

So during the course lesson any number of issues will get thrown up which are not apparent on the range. That’s why the course lesson is a must for anyone who is serious about BEING A PLAYER.

The following are some of the things you can expect to learn:

  • DEVELOPING A STRATEGY and why “WHERE’ and ‘WHY’ are more important than ‘HOW
  • The difference between a SWING and a SHOT
  • SHOT SELECTION around the green and how to decide on the percentage shot
  • How CHANGING PERCEPTION can be performance enhancing
  • The MAGIC QUESTION everyone should be asking themselves before they play a shot
  • The FUNDAMENTAL SKILL that forms the basis of mental toughness
  • The TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF TRAINING and why you need to be doing both

On Course Playing Lesson prices per person:

1 Person2 People3 People4 People
9 Holes£170£95£75£65
18 Holes£340£175£125£105

* Plus applicable green fee

Links Golf Lesson

Links golf is first and foremost great fun! And particularly so at Cabot Highlands! Hands up who doesn’t want to learn to have more fun?

It is the oldest style of golf and there are more links golf courses in Scotland than anywhere else in the world. In order to play the links course well it is necessary to be able to be creative and have an appreciation of the nuances involved. Being sand based, the playing surface on a links course is naturally firm. Generally the game is played closer to the ground with players employing more chip and run shots. Putting from well off the green is sometimes the percentage play. A distinctive feature of links golf is the wind. Keeping your ball flight low helps to lessen the effects the often-present coastal winds have on your ball flight. Pot bunkers also are a feature of the links course. They are deeper than normal bunkers in order that the sand is not to be blown out by the wind.

Lessons will be delivered appropriate to ability and time allowed but the following are some of the things you may discover in your Links Lesson –

  • The technique to be employed for the CHIP AND RUN.
  • Don’t think your lofted wedges are redundant on the links; they are vital tools to have in the bag but an understanding of LOFT AND BOUNCE is required
  • Adjustments that can be made in order to FLIGHT THE BALL LOWER in the wind.
  • How to FLY THE DRIVER HIGH DOWNWIND for maximum distance

Links golf takes a bit of getting used to but if you know what you are trying to do before you get out there, that’s half the battle.

At Cabot Highlands we are offering lessons for individuals or groups of up to 4 people. If you are flying in to Inverness, within minutes of exiting the airport you can be on the range here with me ready to receive the necessary tips and guidance for not only your forthcoming round at Cabot Highlands but for your entire Scottish golf links adventure.

The links lesson is perfect for golfers arriving in Scotland with no previous links golf experience. It is also suitable for players of all abilities who have experience of the links but who require to add some finesse to their current skill set.

Links Golf Lesson prices per person:

1 Person2 People3 People4 People
2 hours£140£105£95£85
90 minutes£110£90£80£70
60 minutes£80£65£60£55
11th Hole at Gillian Stewart

Gift Vouchers for Lessons

Gift vouchers are available for all lesson types and are the ideal present for the golfer, or aspiring golfer, in your life.

Vouchers can be made out to any value or for any particular lesson.

Gift vouchers are available to buy here, or you can contact Gillian for a bespoke voucher.

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