Teaching Style

There are 3 aspects to Gillian’s coaching that stand out:

Complete Support System

Gillian is able to provide a complete support system for her pupils, in terms of their golfing development. She is the ultimate performance coach.

The experience Gillian has from her time as a professional tournament player enables her to offer this approach. She has an expertise in every aspect necessary to improve performances.

This includes shot-making skills, training skills, course management and the art of scoring, and most importantly, in line with her belief that golf is the ultimate psychological sport, the vital mind factor.

Highly Personalised Approach

Gillian’s coaching approach is highly personalised. She is not in any way a generic coach.

The emphasis is very much on the individualisation of support and the recognition that different players require different approaches.

Great Learning Techniques

Gillian uses a delivery system that is brain-compatible for learning.

Gillian will say that she is a ‘technical coach, but that she coaches in a non technical way’.

Recent research into how the brain learns new motor skills points the way ahead for coaching.

“It is so important as a coach to present information that is brain compatible in terms of learning. If it’s not brain compatible no real learning can take place.”

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“I’m not so much a teacher as a ‘learning facilitator’

As human beings we’re not designed to be taught, we’re designed to learn. My whole coaching philosophy is built around this premise”

– Gillian Stewart

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